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Steeven Sandoval

About Steeven Sandoval

The Voice of Mariachi

Originally from Tijuana Baja California, but raised in the state of Jalisco where the love for mariachi music grew more in me, as well as my father’s guidance to be able to achieve the most adored goals like being in Mariachi Vargas and doing many things like that. dreams, now as a soloist for you.

Elvia Cadena

Elvia Cadena

When you hear Elvia Cadena sing, you are reminded of some of the great jazz voices of old such as Sarah Vaughn, or Billie Holiday. And in the modern era, many would compare Elvia’s voice to the late, Amy Winehouse, who happens to be one of Elvia’s musical influences.
Her love for music she attributes to her mother who would always sing to her as a child growing up, and Elvia felt as if that is what she was meant to do….sing. She began singing in the children’s choir at St Anthony church in San Bernardino, California. From there she graduated to the teen’s choir where she discovered her voice and musical gift. After graduating high school, Elvia performed at various gigs in and around the Inland Empire of California, and recently joined the Midnite Cruzzers band in July.

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